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Lab comparison calculator

Compare your total costs associated with your lab.


If you don't know your chair time cost per hour, you can use our Chair Time Calculator.

Areas of consideration that are not part of this calculator:

  • additional costs per crown such as custom shading, remakes, hourly charges, single centrals or anterior surcharges

  • quality of customer service between labs

  • frustrations associated with turnaround times:

    • difficulty scheduling​

    • can take a month or more if a remake is needed

    • more time and opportunity for an issue with the temporary crown

The goal of this calculator is to help you realize the true cost of your lab. The lab that has a higher per crown cost is not always the more expensive lab. Some labs will charge a-la-carte and therefore look like they have a lower cost per crown. Additionally, the cost of a lab pales in comparison to the cost associated with running your practice. A lab that takes more of your time or has a large number of remakes will quickly start costing the practice more money than the lab charges. 

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